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We Need You: Looking for Volunteers

Due to the current pandemic, many of the groups that were scheduled to do work for Blue Rose Mission this summer have needed to cancel.

While we completely understand that many are in situations that make it hard or impossible to work with us, we still have less-fortunate neighbors that are living in unsafe conditions and they need our help!

We are looking for local groups of up to 6 adults that are able and willing to hammer some nails, cut some boards and/or wield a paintbrush! Whether you can come for one day or an entire week, we could really use your help! Comment on this post, Private Message Abby McCready or email us at with questions, to set up a date to work and for information on our COVID-19 regulations!

Are you unable to help physically but still desire to be a part of our mission? We humbly ask that you consider donating to our cause. Any amount can help. Please visit to donate online via PayPal or send donations to Blue Rose Mission PO Box 3834 Mansfield, OH 44907. 

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