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COVID-19: What Are We Doing?

COVID-19 and it's affects can be seen everywhere, no matter where you live in the world. Mansfield, Ohio is no different. While we are no longer completely locked down, there are still regulations that we are required to follow; distancing ourselves from one another being one of the overriding themes.

So, how is Blue Rose Mission going to serve our neighbors if we can't get close to them? How do we bring work groups together with the ever-changing stipulations put forth by our governor? Those are the challenges that we come up against as we begin our 2020 season. And we have come up with the best answers we can.

Anyone that serves with Blue Rose will do outdoor jobs ONLY and will be asked to wear a mask unless it is medically necessary not to. Masks will be provided for those that are unable to bring one. Although normally, the homeowner's restroom is available for the work groups to use as necessary, we will not allow that this year and workers will be asked to travel off site to nearby public restrooms. Hand sanitizer will also be available and workers will be encouraged to use it as often as possible.

While we acknowledge our work groups may have differing opinions about these regulations, we also want to make sure that we are loving our neighbors by ensuring that everyone is comfortable to do the work that needs to be done. Many of the homeowners that need jobs done are elderly or disabled in some way and fall into one or more of the high risk categories (in relation to their susceptibility to COVID-19 and the severity of the disease should they contract it).

We are very hopeful that the 2020 season can be a successful one for us even if it does look a little different than seasons past. God will provide for us and for the homeowners in Richland County!

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