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Individual Volunteers:

Everyone has something to give. Some skill, ability, or knowledge. We are always looking for and encouraging volunteerism here at Blue Rose Mission.  You may think to yourself, I don’t know a hammer from a screwdriver, that’s fine. You may not be a “handy” person, but you are a whiz at organizing, that is needed here. Perhaps you’re unable to take part in the physical activity of home repair for whatever reason but like doing things on a computer, great we need that also. The point is this mission takes a village and we want you to be part of that village. 

Just click the button or scan the QR Code to become a volunteer! 


Workgroups are the life blood of Blue Rose. Without Groups coming in to take on projects, there is little chance we could accomplish our work. If you are reading this then the assumption is that you are interested in bringing a group to work. Know this: You are valued. We will work hard to ensure that you receive back whatever it is you want your group to get from this experience. Whether it be bonding as a group, educating kids on the world, or just looking to make a difference, we want to help you achieve that. We will strive to ensure you have everything you need to be successful. The first step in this journey is clicking the button below or scanning the QR code. Let the games begin!

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